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Even the most minor of auto accidents can cause debilitating injuries or injuries that are so painful and reduce your mobility so much that you find it hard to complete your day-to-day activities. For example, a whiplash injury can make turning your head so painful that you will find it difficult to sleep and complete normal activities like driving. The good news is that through rehabilitation exercises, chiropractic adjustments, and other unique chiropractic techniques in Omaha NE you can find relief from your auto accident injury.

How Our Omaha NE Chiropractor Can Assist You Following an Auto Accident Injury

Neck and back pain are very common types of injuries caused by auto accidents and, as such, are ones that are readily treated at our local Omaha NE chiropractic office. Dr. Millard is highly specialized in diagnosing and creating a comprehensive treatment plan for parties with neck and back pain from auto accident injuries. Our treatment plans often include chiropractic adjustments, exercises, and more to provide pain relief and assist the recovery process.

One of the most common things Dr. Millard will suggest is utilizing rehabilitation exercises. Rehabilitation exercises are workout programs that are centered around strengthening a person's muscles so that they can regain their pre-injury level of fitness. These are not exercises designed to make you exceptionally strong. While such exercises might be beneficial in the long run, pushing too far, or too fast following an injury can put your body in a worse place than it already is. The last thing anyone with an automobile injury should do is overexert their muscles. This greatly increases the risk of becoming reinjured in the same place and that may increase your need for invasive surgery and/or long-term medication.

Because most automobile accidents will cause injuries to those muscles that support the spine due to the high incidence of whiplash and injuries sustained by competing forces when secured by a seatbelt, it is the following three primary muscles that our exercises focus on:

  • The extensor muscles, which are the black and gluteal muscles that enable a person to extend their back when doing activities like standing and lifting.
  • The flexor muscles, which are the iliopsoas and abdominal muscles that enable a person to safely bend down.
  • The rotator or oblique muscles, which are the muscles located on a person's sides and enable them to rotate and maintain proper posture.
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