Chiropractic Testimonials

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Patient, Felicia, came to us with non-specific pelvic pain. She had been to her OB/GYN without success. After 2 weeks of chiropractic care, she is now pain-free and loving the other positive benefits that come with regular chiropractic care.

- Felicia

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Pain in the shoulder, arm, and hand doesn't always mean an issue with the shoulder. Justin was having pain and numbness in his arm and hand and had been referred to surgery by his physician. Upon exam, Dr. April noted misalignment in his cervical spine. Justin is working his way through treatment and is surprised by the relief and additional benefits he's felt.

- Justin

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Kids need chiropractic too! Kids do some crazy "tricks" and try some, possibly dangerous stunts, from time to time. Isaac tried a jump or flip off the couch and landed wrong. Hear how chiropractic benefited him and how much he enjoys getting adjusted now.

- Isaac

D.S. has been a patient of ours since April 2021. When asked how her treatment plan was going she had this to say, "I've been in pain for nearly37 years. When I was pregnant I developed shooting pains in my lower back that traveled down my leg from time to time. I was told repeatedly that the pain would dismiss after delivery, when it didn't I was told it would take time. Well as time went on, it really got worse. I wasn't able to stand or walk for long periods of time. Sitting for extended periods of time in the wrong chair didn't help either. A friend told me about Millard Family Chiropractic and how they'd helped her.

Chiropractic Papillion NE Testimonial

After 5 weeks of treatment, I was nearly pain-free! I can finally get back to living my life without pain."

- D.S.

"All the doctors are fantastic. Always willing to go the extra mile and explain each aspect of the chiropractic path. All are very accommodating and caring towards your individual needs. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

- Kris

"I can’t say enough about how great these doctors have been for us! They are great with our growing kids and teen athletes, we love this place."

- Nancy

"Our entire family has been going to Millard Wellness for 12+ years. The staff is amazing from everyone at the desk to all the doctors. If you are in need of a good chiropractor, I highly recommend Millard Wellness Center!"

- Kyle

"Dr. Sheri and her team are top shelf! I am treated for a chronic spine issue and come out of this office feeling better every visit. Sometimes just an adjustment is needed, others need a little TLC and they always do what it
takes to make me feel better."

- Jeannette

"I have gone throughout pregnancy and it's great and helps a lot!I would recommend going anytime! But especially during pregnancy."

- Kirsten

"Millard Family Chiropractic literally changed my life. Dr. Thompson provided relief from TMJ and from neck pain. She provides attentive care with such gentle touch but also educates me along the way. Dr. Millard provides acupuncture care and for the 1st time, I am able to stop taking nerve pain medication in over 3 years. They provide you with a holistic approach to healing and I'm so thankful for them."

- Sunny

"I have been seeing Dr. Thompson for 5 weeks now after an injury. She fit me in quickly after the first symptoms started. They have been great at explaining the insurance and financial aspects of my visits. Dr. Thas been professional, kind, and understanding in her approach to my pain. I have seen amazing improvements! I know I will need to continue to see her for a while but she is very encouraging every time."

- Amanda

"Absolutely the best in Chiropractic health. I am a very active senior citizen and Dr. Thompson keeps me tuned up or gets me moving again when I overdo it. Would highly recommend Millard Family Chiropractic!"

- Dave

"Love this place. The entire staff is super friendly and remember you after one to two visits! Definitely recommend this place!!!"

- Tyler

"It has really helped our girls sleep better at night. It has also helped with our daughter’s bowel issues. It has helped with ear infections in our 2-year-old."

- Christina & Family

"The Millard Family team has helped me meet and exceed my workout/physical demands by keeping me free from pain. My recovery time is less and my movement is smoother from regular/proper alignments."

- Christine

"I love Dr. Millard and her staff. She always helps me feel my best and listens to my concerns. Millard Family Chiropractic is the best!"

- Tracy

"My spinal problems have been greatly relieved by Millard Family Chiropractic. I’ve seen every chiropractor since I’ve been here and each one of them has been wonderful. I would highly recommend this practice for general wellness and chiropractic care."

- Maggie

"Fantastic experience! Come here often and always leave feeling better."

- Cade

"Dr. Thompson has completely gotten rid of my whiplash from 5+ years ago. I love the atmosphere here. Everyone is so helpful and super nice! I would recommend this place to people! I have also recommended this place to all my friends and family."

- Alexis

"Amazing service! They’ve been very helpful to me and my family. Dr. Sheri Millard is an amazing specialist. I would recommend her to everyone I know! Best chiropractic place ever! Huge thank you to a wonderful team!"

- Alena

"I have had less lower back pain since coming here and the staff is very friendly and helpful."

- Jim

"Wonderful staff and Dr.’s who take their time and work hard to meet all your family’s needs."

- Justina

"All the doctors are fantastic. Always willing to go the extra mile and explain each aspect of the chiropractic path. All are very accommodating and caring towards your individual needs. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

- Kris