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Chiropractic Omaha NE Electric Stimulation Adjustment

Electric muscle stimulation is used by chiropractors as a treatment technique. It is especially beneficial during injury rehabilitation. It can help relieve pain in the back and legs, reduce swelling and help muscle toning. If you are having any back or leg problems, visit Dr. Millard and her team of doctors in Omaha NE, to see if electric stimulation is right for you.

How Can Electric Stimulation in Omaha NE Help You?

Electric stimulation, or e-stim for short, has a number of benefits to offer you. It promotes blood flow to an injured area, which can speed up the recovery process. If you have an injury that prevents you from moving a part of your body, e-stim can contract the muscle to help recovery. It can also help weakened muscles build up basic strength so you can begin physical therapy.

Some diseases or conditions cause muscles to atrophy. E-stim can slow down the speed that your muscles atrophy by stimulating weak muscles via electric currents which activate your muscles. This allows the muscles to maintain some use even when you are no longer able to do it on your own.

E-stim is also used in combination with, or used similarly to, massage. It can help release tension in your muscles and produce endorphins to improve your mood. The additional blood flow e-stim encourages caused by your contracting muscles helps bring relief to sore muscles as well. Athletes use e-stim after workouts to help reduce swelling. It can also help muscles feel less fatigued. As a result, it can also help prevent injury to the muscles by keeping them warm while they are not in use.

Why Choose Millard Family Chiropractic & Wellness?

Millard Family Chiropractic & Wellness is the premier Chiropractor in Omaha NE. We have patients that come to our West Omaha NE branch from Gretna and Elkhorn. So, if you are in these nearby areas, you should come to Millard Family Chiropractic & Wellness where we have a mission to help each and every one of our patients maintain a healthy and productive life, and we want to be a part of that lifestyle for you. Electric muscle therapy is one of the many chiropractic care techniques we use in our clinic.

We believe in tailoring treatment to each individual person. We'll meet with you to determine what exactly you need before creating a plan to optimize your health and wellness.

Contact us today and we will make sure we have a time available that fits into your schedule. We look forward to helping you feel better.

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