What is PEMF Therapy in Papillion NE

What is PEMF Therapy in Papillion NE

Chiropractic Papillion NE What is PEMF Therapy

A chiropractor deals with the skeletomuscular system in a very direct manner, by spinal manipulation and adjustments. Most patients are aware of these techniques; however, Dr. Millard believes in having more than one modality in his health 'tool bag', like pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy, PEMF therapy in Papillion NE.

What is PEMF Therapy Papillion NE

PEMF therapy is usually performed by a machine that emits a unique series of pulsed electromagnetic fields at precise frequencies targeted on four key tissues types resulting in relieved pain. The human body requires electricity to send signals through the body and the brain. PEMF therapy works to align the electric potentials of our sells allowing those signals to be sent without impedance.

How PEMF Therapy Works

Our bodies are composed of cells that have small electrical charges, this allows the absorption of potassium, sodium, and calcium ions. When we are ill, or distressed, or experiencing trauma or disease, the ability of cells to function normally. Pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy recharges the ions in the cells, and the cells are able to function more efficiently, without strain. Electromagnetic waves are emitted at different frequencies, this stimulates and encourages your body’s natural recovery process. By enabling the cells to circulate nutrients better as well as move blood-oxygen through cells, this helps the therapeutic capacity of the cells to detoxify and maintain health. This optimizes energy by improving blood circulation, not by raising blood pressure, as with other methods but by creating the environment and possibility for the blood to flow.

Common Use: Healing Non-Union Fractures

One of the most common uses for PEMF therapy is non-union fractures, these are bones that have been broken and fail to heal. However, with Pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy, this can be alleviated and sometimes cured. It is safe, and non-invasive, and is delivered in little as 2 to 20 minutes. It reduces pain and inflammation and is used to supplement and enhance existing modalities.

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